Bee Pollen Benefits – What Are The Bee Pollen Benefits?

Many people have called it one of nature’s most complete and perfect foods, but what are the bee pollen benefits?  Should you be taking it and why? It contains everything that us humans need including amino acids, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and enzymes.

Listed below are some of the benefits.

  • These have not all been proven but the results that people are having with it are numerous. Many athletes are using it to increase their endurance and recovery power. They claim that their energy levels are higher when taking bee pollen.
  • Bee pollen is being used as a natural weight control product. When taken before meals it helps decrease your appetite and it is also known for stabilizing your metabolism to help you burn more calories.
  • People who are taking it claim that it improves their skin condition. It is found in quite a few facial products which are known to soften skin and prevent wrinkles. Because of the many nutrients, it boosts your immune system and can help people who have undergone radiation treatments.
  • It is known to increase red blood cells.
  • Bee pollen has also been used to increase sexual stamina and increase fertility.
  • Many people use it to help alleviate their allergies. People with allergies should start with a small does and then increase it gradually.
  • With all of the known nutrients in it, the benefits are tremendous to your health. There are several ways you can take it – either by gel tab, pill, or granulated.

People who are allergic to bee stings, honey or women who are pregnant should talk to their doctor before taking it.This is just a small list of bee pollen benefits, there are many more. Adding it to your daily diet will give you the benefit of many added nutrients.

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Avoiding Risks After A Mentoplasty Is Important In A Healthy Recovering

It is incredibly hazardous to drive when you have just been under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. You should make sure that you have a responsible adult capable of driving you home and staying with you for at least twenty four hours after your chin augmentation procedure. The effects of any anesthesia can remain in your body for as long as twenty four hours. After your cosmetic surgery procedure, you should plan on resting for twenty four hours. You should avoid stooping and straining.

Sleeping with your head elevated on two pillows will decrease the amount of swelling and bruising to your chin. After the procedure, you should consume liquids such as tea, soft drinks, soup, or Jell-O. Gradually you can progress yourself to a soft food diet and then onto a regular diet over the next twenty four hours as tolerated.Take your post-operative medications and fill your prescriptions as you are directed by your plastic surgeon. If you should develop a rash or become nauseated, you should call your cosmetic surgery office. You are able to resume your regular medications unless your surgeon directs that you do otherwise.

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However, you should avoid anything containing aspirin including aspirin itself for two weeks prior to and after surgery. You should remember that many herbal supplements will adversely affect the clotting process and will cause bleeding and bruising. All herbal supplements should be stopped two weeks before your plastic surgery procedure and may be resumed two weeks after. You should also avoid alcohol until all post-operative medications are finished. Many cosmetic surgeons will recommend that you not take mega doses of vitamins in any excess of the normal daily requirement. That will likely be more than adequately met by a normal balanced diet. One multi-vitamin tablet per day will likely be permissible, however.

A chinstrap or tape will be required to be worn for a full week after surgery. You may shower and use shampoo. You should avoid any strenuous activity for two weeks after the procedure has been performed. However, walking will be strongly encouraged. You must not drive for roughly one week and never drive while you are taking medication for pain. After your checkup with your surgeon, you are allowed to wear makeup. Is it especially vital that you not smoke after the procedure to avoid any respiratory and healing of wound complications.

Avoiding sun exposure and wearing sunscreen over the suture lines when it can’t be avoided will assist in healing. You are likely to notice a change in sensation over the chin and lower lip. This is fairly common and will return to normal within two to four months. The scar will be red for around six months and then will begin to soften and fade.A moderate amount of swelling will be common and it will take several weeks before you can see the final result of your procedure. If you experience an unusual or severe amount of pain, bleeding from the dressing, or any other concerns, you should contact your plastic surgeon’s office. Someone in the office will likely call you on the day after your surgery to check up on your condition.

How To Successfully Pull Off Vintage Fashion

They say history repeats itself and it’s true, especially when it comes to fashion. Vintage era clothing, in particular, has made a comeback in a big way in recent years. From the everyday gal to the red carpet, it seems that vintage is what’s “in” and doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. Newbies that are thinking about incorporating this style into their wardrobe should be warned that without the right know-how, introducing vintage the wrong way could end up setting your style sense back further than when vintage was first created.

Throwing on a vintage outfit doesn’t necessarily mean you’re sporting this fashion trend properly. There are a style and strategy to wearing these types of clothes. With practice and time, anyone can become a vintage fashionista and draw attention for all the right reasons.

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One of the biggest things you’ll want to avoid is looking like a retro pin-up girl that is dressed to the nines in complete vintage. What makes wearing older eras of fashion so acceptable today is pairing it with the right accessories. While the clothing is vintage, the accessories you put with it shouldn’t be. “Modern” is going to be the keyword when it comes to your jewelry, purse, shoes, etc. But don’t over accessorize. These items are only supposed to highlight and complement what you’re wearing, not compete for the spotlight. The idea of blending a modern look also applies to your makeup and hairstyle. The best result should be an outfit that is the perfect balance of vintage and modern.

Newbies should first experiment by purchasing one dramatic vintage piece, such as a dress or coat and then building a more modern look at it. By playing around with your accessories, hair, and makeup, you’ll be able to determine how dressed up or dressed down you need to be in order to make your outfit work.

It doesn’t hurt to learn from the pros, either. Many celebrities have learned to wear vintage well and those are the style icons you’ll want to take notes from. Look up online photo galleries of vintage worn right and be observant about the reasons why a celeb’s particular outfit is a winner. Maybe it’s the choice of a purse that sets off the outfit, or maybe her shoes and jewelry are just the right combinations. Don’t forget to refer to the hairstyles and makeup techniques/colors used as well. This will help newbies learn which types of vintage fashion go properly with the right occasion.

On that same note, it is vital that newbies to vintage fashion understand that sporting this look at the office is doable but comes with much stricter rules. Depending on how your job’s dress code is laid out, you’ll more than likely want to avoid wearing super vintage dresses in bright colors and distracting patterns. Such an outfit is appropriate for a party or daytime wear but in an office setting, it’ll make you stand out like a sore thumb. Instead, opt for a plainer vintage style dress and pair it with a trendy blazer and scarf along with the right shoes.

How To Stay Beautiful On Long Road Trips

Going on a road trip can be the perfect idea during the summer. No matter where you’re headed, being in a car with friends can be quite the adventure. However, hours of driving can wear on many people’s nerves and sanity. On top of that, being concerned with looking good from point A to point B can be a hassle when you don’t have the comfort of your bathroom.

There are plenty of things to think about when it comes to getting ready to go on a road trip. But while most people fuss about what clothes and shoes to pack and how much money to bring to spend on snacks, gas, and souvenirs, beauty and skincare can often be forgotten. It’s one thing to put on a face of makeup to look pretty but your complexion isn’t going to stay flawless throughout the trip. Instead, learning certain tips will help you look and feel refreshed from the beginning of your road trip until you reach your destination.

Unless you plan on staying at a hotel somewhere along the way, chances are you won’t have the comfort of a nice bathroom to get ready in. This means dealing with pocket mirrors and gas station bathrooms. The best way to keep your skin looking great while on the road is by using sunscreen. Sitting in a car can expose you to hours of driving in the sun so applying a light coat every two hours can keep you from harmful UV rays. Whether you’re driving or riding in the passenger seat, the atmosphere inside the car can be an uncomfortable one for your skin. Using the air conditioner and heat can cause your skin to become dry and dehydrated. To remedy this, carry hand cream and moisturizer with you at all times. This will keep your skin soft, supple and fully hydrated no matter how you’re cooling down or warming up.

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While it can be grimy to use gas station bathrooms, use those breaks during the road trip to freshen up your complexion. Bring along a travel size kit of your favorite skincare products: cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Try to cleanse when you can throughout your trip and go light on the makeup so your complexion is clean and clear by the time you get to your destination. Bring a small towel with you to the bathroom as well as disposable gloves so you don’t have to touch any of the public facilities. Instead of splurging on soda and snacks at the gas station, buy plenty of water and throw in some fruits and healthy snacks if possible.

It’s highly unlikely you’re going to be able to curl your hair during your trip so keep your hairstyle as simple as possible. Throwing your hair up in a ponytail or in a secure bun will keep your strands from being exposed to the elements and keep you from being obsessed with how to style it. However, do make sure your hair stays moisturized and conditioned. Give yourself a good deep conditioning the night before your road trip so your hair is good to go no matter how long the drive is.

How To Spruce Up Your Face “The Morning After”

It’s been the night of your life: you`ve spent hours dancing, enjoying drinks, conversing with friends and making new ones and the last thing you’re thinking about as you hit the bed, couch or – in some cases – the floor, at the end of the night is going to work the next day. You fall into a blissful, deep sleep and don`t have a care in the world… until your alarm goes off. Waking up with a start you realize that you’ve got to be at the office. The problem: you’re not at your house. Now you`re stuck walking into work with that “morning after” look that’s sure to be the hot subject of conversation at the water cooler.

While this scene is a bit exaggerated, many women can`t deny that they can relate to the situation described above. The morning after look isn`t always very flattering, especially if you have to be at work the next day. While suffering from the morning after look doesn`t always have to indicate that you`ve spent a wild night in the hay, you don`t want to give your coworkers something to talk about. Whether you actually spent a wild night in the hay or simply had too much fun the night before and passed out at a girlfriend’s house, having the perfect plan for the morning after look will prevent any office gossip and no one will be the wiser.

If you plan on going out on a work night, you absolutely must put together the morning after emergency pack. Depending on the nature of your work, dress code and other lifestyle factors, the items you choose to include may vary. Generally speaking, the first thing you’ll want to throw into your morning after the emergency pack is a change of clothes for the office. Make sure you’ve got a clean top, pants/skirt, shoes, undies, and accessories. Don`t forget your favorite perfume and deodorant if you don`t have time for a quick shower. But it takes more than dressing the part to combat the morning after look.

Your face is often the telltale sign of pulling an all-nighter. Some party gals commit the biggest crime by falling asleep with all of their makeup on, which can wreak havoc on your face the next morning. Others may cleanse the night before but still wake up with dark circles or bags under the eyes from lack of sleep. Tackle this problem the morning after by adding a two-in-one cleanser and makeup remover to your morning after emergency pack, as well as the toner to get rid of excess residue from the night before that your cleanser may miss.

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You can find travel size versions of your skincare products or purchase clear, empty travel size bottles to squeeze a small amount of your cleanser and toner into. Don`t forget the moisturizer! Now to cover up the morning after signs: light concealer for the eye area and foundation to give your complexion an overall uniform appearance. You don’t have to go overboard on the foundation, either. One thin layer should do the trick. Add a touch of mascara to make your eyes pop and a dab of gloss to your lips and you`ve got a face that indicates anything but the morning after an experience.

While makeup is the main fixer-upper, you should also include hair products in your morning after emergency pack. Add a brush/comb, butterfly clip and smoothing serum to your pack to give yourself a sleek and clean hairstyle for the office.

5 Tips For A Rejuvenating Vacation

Have you ever returned from a long-anticipated getaway only to feel more run down than before you left? Have you ever wished for another vacation to recover from the first one? If so, you’re not alone. But there is hope. With a little advance planning and research, you can enjoy yourself and recharge at the same time. Here are five tips to help you choose and enjoy the perfect rejuvenating vacation.

1. When traveling with children, plan your trip with you in mind.

So often we want to make vacations a dream come true for everyone else and we forget about ourselves. Even if you’re taking a Disney vacation with your five-year-old, you can plan smart moments for yourself that will bring you home feeling like you’ve been to the spa…alone. To accomplish this miraculous task, make a deal with your husband or friend who’s traveling with you. You get an hour today, they get an hour tomorrow. Keep rotating each day. Remember to make mealtime as special for you as the little ones. Check out online menus that include chicken strips and filet mignon. Go for non-alcoholic versions of your favorite drinks so you get the family home safely, but still enjoy the flavor of your meal.

2. Shop for your destination.

Think about what you want and need to recharge and refresh your body and mind. Check out your hotel, resort, the beaches, the slopes to find out who they cater to. Do they offer childcare at every corner? Does the nightlife cater to singles? The results will tell if that locale is an answer to prayer or your worst nightmare.

3. If you decide that excitement and adventure are just what the doctor ordered to rejuvenate you, go to the experts.

Invest in a location that is designed for the thrill seeker. This will save you time and keep you from danger. You don’t always have to have a guide to have a thrill. Many destinations are designed for you to go off on your own for hiking, rappelling, rafting or riding. Choose a place that has already done the preliminary research to offer you a safe and exciting out-of-bounds experience that will bring you home invigorated, not incarcerated or in a body cast.

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4. When traveling with a companion, choose wisely.

Don’t let the friend you want to choke after two days accompany you on a weeklong excursion. Once you decide what you want to do on your well-deserved break, take along someone who can complement the activities and the downtime. If you want to soak in the sun and the hot tub, don’t take your buddy who has caffeine running through their veins and can’t sit still.

5. Make reservations.

Even spur of the moment vacationers needs to eat. Nothing throws an annoying kink in a vacation like waiting and waiting and waiting or being turned away at every hot spot in town. A little research won’t ruin spontaneity, and it will keep your time free to do all the other exciting things that pop up. If reservations cramp your style, find out what times you are most likely to get a seat within an hour wait.

Yeast Infection Can Be Caused by Livestock

Food is essential in our daily lives. We get our nutrition and energy from food. There is no denying the fact that without food, we are less likely to survive. Some people have even taken their liking for food to the next level by acting like gluttons. Eating is in no way harmful if we keep it in moderation. It is also important to choose the food we eat. This is necessary so as to protect ourselves from getting a yeast infection.

Different kinds of food can cause a yeast infection. The number one cause of this, though, is antibiotics. Antibiotics serve to kill bacteria in our body. The harsh side effect though is that some of the good bacteria are also wiped out particularly in the intestine area. The lack of defenses in the intestine allows for fungi and yeast infection to proliferate in our body. Antibiotics are naturally present in lots of our everyday food so we should be extra careful in consuming too much.


To be more specific, it is usually beef and dairy products that can cause yeast infections. This is because livestock is usually fed with antibiotics. Health regulations require the industry to do this so as to guarantee that the food they produce is safe from bad bacteria. Another reason why this is done is to fatten cows. Profit-seeking livestock industries will make more money if their cows are fatter. That is why they prefer giving antibiotics to their cattle. The long-term effect of this is worse than just yeast infections. With the presence of the antibiotics in our cheese, meat, and milk, our body will familiarize itself with these antibiotics.

Over time, the bacteria itself will also learn to recognize the DNA pattern. Soon, antibiotics will no longer work on bacteria if the cycle continues. Likewise, the good bacteria are also continually killed by the regular intake of these antibiotics. The end result will most likely be a body that is immune to antibiotics which are unable to kill bad and good bacteria alike. You don’t want this now, do you?Farm Environments Aside from antibiotics, cows also inherit yeast infections from the environment they are brought up in. If the livestock farm is tight on budget and stores these cows in unnatural surroundings, they may end up harming us as well.

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Lastly, these cows also have a stable intake of grain food. If these grains are not kept in a healthy environment, they run the risk of making the cow meat suffer from mold contamination which causes a yeast infection. For any and all issues regarding yeast, it pays to consult a physician at once. It is not advised to purchase medicine right away because the individual may have allergic tendencies or reactions to it. A doctor can easily determine these and will be able to guide you on how to proceed.As with all things, prevention is still better than cure. Watch the food you eat as you may end up with this disease.

What Are The Symptoms Of Pregnancy?

You can guess that you are impregnated with the help of some following symptoms. The primary symptom of pregnancy is missing a menstrual period. Since most of the woman has an irregular menstrual period they are not sure to take to the decision of condition in which they are possible or not to the child before testing.

Furthermore, there are some more signs and symptoms used to diagnose the pregnancy. There may be getting some variation from one to another and first to consecutive. Commonly, some pregnant may experience severe breast pain, nausea, and vomiting. While some others may experience swollen, tender or sore breast and or nipples. Specifically, for the first pregnancy, you are able to suffer from painful breast and or nipple. These are the physical signs of pregnancy.

The reason for those is to be notified that the increased production of hormones known as estrogen and progesterone. These hormones cause some changes in the body and the woman’s body works hard to keep up with changes that occur. As a result of this strange condition most women, particularly during the first pregnancy experience fatigue or unusual tiredness. The heart pumps harder and faster due to the escalation of blood flowing that requires bringing the nutrients to the growing fetus, it might cause extra fatigue.

Further, progesterone causes sleepiness and a natural central nervous system depressant.

Light bleeding and or cramping:

the most common reason for this mild bleeding during early pregnancy is implantation (in which the fertilized egg implants itself in the uterine lining and it takes about 10 to 14 days after conception). The only noticeable clue is mild blood spots left on your panties. So, you can understand its harshness.

Morning sickness:

many women notice their symptoms in about two weeks after conception. Nausea with or without vomiting is most common between fourth and eighth weeks during pregnancy. Since this is known as morning sickness this may occur at any time of the day or night. The reason for this symptom seems to be the rapid high in estrogen produced by the fetus and the placenta. A woman’s sense of smell increase during pregnancy, odors play the major role in causing nausea. During this period most women may hate some favorite odors and foodstuffs they liked earlier. However, it’s most important to understand that literally anything can cause nausea and or vomiting.

Abdominal bloating:

It is a condition in which the abdomen feels full and tight. The abdomen may be visibly swollen.

Frequent urination:

It may seem to start about six weeks into 1st trimester. In the effect of hormonal changes cause blood to flow more quickly through your kidneys filling your bladder more often. And also, the volume of blood in your body rises until you have almost 50% more before you get pregnant. This makes the bladder filled with extra fluid getting processed through your kidneys. Even though, the growing uterus may create a pressure on the bladder.

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fatigue means too much-tired feel by most of pregnant during early pregnancy. Some women feel tired throughout pregnancy. This condition is inducing some women to the early bed. No one knows accurately the reason for early pregnancy fatigue. But, it’s possible to say the hormonal changes in particularly a vivid rise in progesterone.


this is a stage in which food digests slowly. This is also contributing to the abdominal bloating.

Besides these symptoms, some may experience mood changes, irritability and excessive salivation and vaginal fluid. Thus, you have to confirm your pregnancy test and consult with a gynecologist.

How To Pick The Right Pair Of Heels

Heels can look great but if paired with the wrong outfit, it won’t matter how fabulous the shoes are – it just won’t work. Sometimes even the best of us fall prey to matching the wrong pair of heels with the wrong outfit. If you need a refresher course or are new to the whole idea, it helps to learn some helpful information and guidelines as to what pairs of heels you should buy and what items of clothing they go with.

Before going out and buying all the cute pairs of heels you see, it helps to evaluate your wardrobe, note what your favorite outfits are and then purchase your heels accordingly. There is more than one kind of heel out there and not all of them look good with just any outfit. The most common types of heels out there include: stilettos, low heels, high heels, platforms, and wedges.

The stiletto screams sexy and just about every supermodel has a pair, which in turn, inspires women in the general public to get their own as well. The challenge with stilettos is that, well, they’re stilettos. Many of them are super high in height and the taller you are in heels, the more awkward it can be to walk in them – this is especially true for women who are not naturally tall. If you’re inexperienced or new to heels, do not invest in a pair of stilettos.

However, if you’re a pro in heels, then you can wear these shoes with a sexy cocktail dress or even with a stylish pair of form-fitting jeans. This will depend on the style and color of your heels. Because stilettos are synonymous with style, make sure that the outfit you plan on wearing makes a statement on its own so that the stilettos accentuate the overall look.

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Low heels are perfect for women who want a little height but not too much. This type of heel offers a happy medium. Taller women tend to gravitate towards low heels since it doesn’t emphasize their tall stature and can be comfortably worn with a sun dress, snug pair of jeans and a tank top or nice blouse, and even with capris or shorts. In general you can’t go wrong with low heels, which helps when it comes to mixing and matching in your wardrobe. On the flip side, high heels provide those extra 2-3 inches that most women crave.

However, high heels are not the same as stilettos, since high heels have a wider base of the shoe than stilettos do. High heels provide enough support to be worn comfortably throughout your day and goes well with just about any outfit. But the key here is to choose the right style and color. You can choose from traditional, close-toed high heels, or strappy ones. When all else fails, make sure to have at least one pair of solid black, close-toed high heels.

Platform heels have a funky design and offer a lot of support for your feet. Wear your platforms with your favorite pair of jeans, skirt, dress, or even a gown (just make sure the style fits). There are a variety of platforms out there, choose the one that you can walk well in and won’t mess up your ankle in the event that you fall. Wedges work for providing height and making your legs appear longer. For this reason, go with a pair of wedges if you plan on wearing a skirt, dress, or even a miniskirt. Wedges support the entire heel and can even be worn in the office.


5 Weight Loss Foods To Try

Would you like to lose that excess weight without purging starvation? You know the food we consume has a big relation to how we look at ourselves and the feeling it brings. Carrying around excess weight isn’t easy and finding time for it to exercise often is as difficult especially when you’re having a hectic schedule.

You may not recognize that you will find foods on the market you could eat to assist you lose fat. There is absolutely no starving or any calculating involve, all that you should do is incorporate these five foods to your everyday routine to quickly get the results you wanted.


Incorporating salads in your diet is the best way to shed extra pounds fast. Make sure to add all of your favorite veggies such as cabbage, tomato, carrots and cucumbers to get that low-calorie lunch filled with the essential vitamins. Do a dressing on your salad using lemon or curd. If you are used to with your own salad dressing, make sure to sparingly use it. A lot of the stores now where you buy salad dressings are packed with extra calories and will only be the reason to gain weight.

Cereals High on Fiber

Fiber adds bulk even to ordinary foods which makes you feel full considerably longer. Cereals an excellent source of fiber but is low in calorie fills you up and satisfy you. Incorporating this with skim milk will make a breakfast low in fat. For a twist in your diet you can add a sweet touch on it using fruits like banana and strawberry.

Snack Foods Pre-Portioned

Every food manufacturer now aims to help the millions of people everywhere of their weight loss issues which is an exciting news for you! When you visit a store try this low calorie snacks like Glenny’s Soy Crisps, 100-Calorie Pack, Quaker Quakes, Jell-O fat free, Dieters frozen goodies and many more. These snacks will match your cravings and are available in individual servings to hold your binging.

Go for sugarless gum

Enjoying instead a sugarless gum can push away hunger cravings and provide your palette a fun of flavor. When you chew this gum it will allow you to avoid sticking on that extra calories inside your mouth. Always bring along a flavor that won’t add extra pounds.

Water Filled Juicy Foods

Fruits and veggies does have an amazing effect on losing weight of its high-water content that is contained naturally in them. Water helps in giving you a full feeling to continue without taking in high-calorie meals. Grapefruit, watermelon, tomatoes, cantaloupe, lettuce, mushrooms and cucumber are some of the fruits and veggies which are high in water.

At the end whatever weight loss process you do always understand the method you are doing since it is not about how to lose weight fast that matters but also the kind of intake that your body takes in.