Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach

cynthiaCynthia received a B.S. from NYU, and then attended The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, becoming certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). She is currently on the staff as a mentor to second year students.

Cynthia’s training continued with Paul Pitchford at the Heartwood Institute in California. Mr. Pitchford is one of the leaders in the country for teaching how to use food medicinally and lovingly through Chinese Medicine.

Cynthia is now (2008) studying with Marc David in Boulder, CO, master nutritionist and expert in Eating Psychology. While becoming masterfully trained as a Dynamic Eating Psychology Counselor, she is working with Marc to launch the brand new Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

In addition to running Cynfully Healthy, Cynthia spent several years as the Director of Nutrition Services for a holistic center in Manhattan providing acupuncture, herbs, yoga and stress reduction techniques to treat infertility and reproductive disorders.

With a flair and passion for motivating groups small and large, her speaking engagements span from local community centers to larger corporations.

Cynthia has her own Nutritional and Wellness column on http://elasticwaist.com, and her articles have been published nationally with organizations such as www.Resolve.org.


In her former life, you may have seen Cynthia on stage, TV or even a movie clip here and there. Check out the little skinny kid with the beehive and green eye shadow dancing in the movie, “Hairspray.” She spent several years traveling around with musicals, cruise ships and dance performances. Her favorite…West Side Story…ay ay ay!

With dancing as her first passion, she entered into the fitness world and became an ACE certified fitness instructor, teaching a fun, kick-your-butt type of cardio dance class for years on the Upper West Side.

She still dances, but doesn’t do a high kick quite as high.

With years of dance training and conditioning, she also teaches Pilates-based classes and personally stretches and tones several of her clients.

Recovered Binge Eater and PMS Sufferer: Personal letter from Cynthia

I am here now and joyful to be in a position to guide others mainly because of my personal history. I spent years agonizing over my weight and body image. I could down a box of Entenmann’s donuts without blinking an eye and then went on to polish off a pack of cookies – all at midnight. There were days I would not get out of bed and could not see ever living peacefully in my body.

My PMS ruined me every month with emotional swings and physical symptoms. At least 3 times a year I would get a debilitating sinus infection that floored me for days, not to mention feeling like I had a never-ending cold. Chronic constipation went right along with this imbalanced package and kept me bloated and uncomfortable most of the time.

And I thought all of this was normal, how most women lived.

I saw many doctors and each one had a new drug to give me to clear up this or that. Funny thing was, it all came right back a few months later. I also saw a few nutrition people, but the healing stopped short after I left the office with some foreign meal plan that had no relevance to my tastes, needs or practical ability to follow the crazy thing.

So, thankfully I found a new approach, which did not wrap up in a nice neat package.

My healing came from the combination of several modalities:

  • I slowly and peacefully changed my diet with the help of a loving, non-judgemental counselor.
  • I took Chinese herbs, which did wonders for my sinuses.
  • I took a good hard look at what was truly driving my eating habits and where my “wheel of life” was not rolling smoothly.
  • I chose to see my body as a goddess temple instead of my worst enemy and I worked alot on changing the negative thoughts in my head.
  • I breathed, stretched and found new forms of exercise that truly jazzed me (no pun intended).
  • I learned how to meditate.
  • I tried to take everything a little less seriously and focus on all the gifts I had right in front of me.
  • I am now pain-free with clear sinuses, happy monthly periods and maintaining the weight I know my body wants to be. Quite frankly, I never thought I would say that.

Healing does not come from just a pill or band-aid approach. It requires active participation by the individual through one or more modalities. However, who says you have to do it alone? I would have never come through without the teachers, healers and counselors that helped me along my journey. I still have several of them to this day!

Thanks for reading. Cynfully Healthy was created to give back so much of what I have learned.

Your partner,