Avoiding Risks After A Mentoplasty Is Important In A Healthy Recovering

It is incredibly hazardous to drive when you have just been under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. You should make sure that you have a responsible adult capable of driving you home and staying with you for at least twenty four hours after your chin augmentation procedure. The effects of any anesthesia can remain in your body for as long as twenty four hours. After your cosmetic surgery procedure, you should plan on resting for twenty four hours. You should avoid stooping and straining.

Sleeping with your head elevated on two pillows will decrease the amount of swelling and bruising to your chin. After the procedure, you should consume liquids such as tea, soft drinks, soup, or Jell-O. Gradually you can progress yourself to a soft food diet and then onto a regular diet over the next twenty four hours as tolerated.Take your post-operative medications and fill your prescriptions as you are directed by your plastic surgeon. If you should develop a rash or become nauseated, you should call your cosmetic surgery office. You are able to resume your regular medications unless your surgeon directs that you do otherwise.

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However, you should avoid anything containing aspirin including aspirin itself for two weeks prior to and after surgery. You should remember that many herbal supplements will adversely affect the clotting process and will cause bleeding and bruising. All herbal supplements should be stopped two weeks before your plastic surgery procedure and may be resumed two weeks after. You should also avoid alcohol until all post-operative medications are finished. Many cosmetic surgeons will recommend that you not take mega doses of vitamins in any excess of the normal daily requirement. That will likely be more than adequately met by a normal balanced diet. One multi-vitamin tablet per day will likely be permissible, however.

A chinstrap or tape will be required to be worn for a full week after surgery. You may shower and use shampoo. You should avoid any strenuous activity for two weeks after the procedure has been performed. However, walking will be strongly encouraged. You must not drive for roughly one week and never drive while you are taking medication for pain. After your checkup with your surgeon, you are allowed to wear makeup. Is it especially vital that you not smoke after the procedure to avoid any respiratory and healing of wound complications.

Avoiding sun exposure and wearing sunscreen over the suture lines when it can’t be avoided will assist in healing. You are likely to notice a change in sensation over the chin and lower lip. This is fairly common and will return to normal within two to four months. The scar will be red for around six months and then will begin to soften and fade.A moderate amount of swelling will be common and it will take several weeks before you can see the final result of your procedure. If you experience an unusual or severe amount of pain, bleeding from the dressing, or any other concerns, you should contact your plastic surgeon’s office. Someone in the office will likely call you on the day after your surgery to check up on your condition.

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