Circuit Training

Calorie Burning Circuit Workout

For those who want to lose some weight or get in shape may be worried about what they are going to do during the holidays. These can be a stressful time when people are overeating, and they aren’t able to go outside as much as they could before.

Also, joining a gym is expensive, and those who want to work out may not realize how much they can do from the comfort of their own home. The calorie burning circuit workout is something that is easy to do, and it requires doing five different exercises in a loop. This can be customized for people based on their fitness level.

If you are going to perform the circuit loop, you may want to get a timer and set it for five minutes. It is important to try to go at a steady pace and not go too fast. That will allow people to be able to complete the entire circuit without having to take a break. There will be five exercises that people will spend a minute each doing, and then they can take a one minute break between the circuits.

A person should have a goal to do the entire five minute set and then take a one minute break. Eventually, a person should be able to do the entire circuit three times, which makes this exercise a total of about 18 minutes long. This can really help people to start to stay in shape while through the holidays, and they won’t even have to go to the gym.

The first exercise in the set is to do squats. There are varying difficulty levels depending how people want to this. The just involves doing the basic squat with the arms in front of a person, and then deeply squatting. The shoulders should stay back, and people want to lift their chest. The next level involves using weights while doing the squats, which could be eight or five pound weights.

There are also some other ways that people can personalize these squats to keep them at their fitness level. The next exercise is upright rows, which also requires some weight to use. And this works the upper back. It involves taking the weight, and pulling upward until it is under the chin, and then making sure that all of the back muscles are engaged.

Those who want to make it even more difficult can include squats. The next part of the circuit exercise involves doing three or four mountain climbers followed by jumping jacks.

After these, the next exercise is a set of push ups. There are several different push up techniques that people can use, including starting on their knees, or doing the push ups from the tips of their toes. The push ups could be done against a wall as well. The last exercise is called pass the ball, using a stability ball.

People will want to lay on a mat while their arms above them, and then pass the ball back and forth between their legs and their arms. To make it harder, people can pass the ball from their arms to their feet instead of their arms to their needs. Then take a one minute break, and do all of the exercises over again. This is great for really starting to burn some calories and keep reaching all of their goals during the holiday, and at a lower price than joining the gym.

It is important to keep a good steady pace, so that people don’t get tired out when they are trying to finish these exercises. Those who really feel like they need a break can take one, and then try to improve their speed so that they can make it through the whole circuit.

This burns a lot of calories when it is done all the way through three times, and that can help people to stave off gaining weight gain during the holiday and still keep fit during the winter. These are easy to do in the home, and they take less than twenty minutes. People can turn on their favorite music or even watch fun TV show while they are exercising.

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