5 Weight Loss Foods To Try

Would you like to lose that excess weight without purging starvation? You know the food we consume has a big relation to how we look at ourselves and the feeling it brings. Carrying around excess weight isn’t easy and finding time for it to exercise often is as difficult especially when you’re having a hectic schedule.

You may not recognize that you will find foods on the market you could eat to assist you lose fat. There is absolutely no starving or any calculating involve, all that you should do is incorporate these five foods to your everyday routine to quickly get the results you wanted.


Incorporating salads in your diet is the best way to shed extra pounds fast. Make sure to add all of your favorite veggies such as cabbage, tomato, carrots and cucumbers to get that low-calorie lunch filled with the essential vitamins. Do a dressing on your salad using lemon or curd. If you are used to with your own salad dressing, make sure to sparingly use it. A lot of the stores now where you buy salad dressings are packed with extra calories and will only be the reason to gain weight.

Cereals High on Fiber

Fiber adds bulk even to ordinary foods which makes you feel full considerably longer. Cereals an excellent source of fiber but is low in calorie fills you up and satisfy you. Incorporating this with skim milk will make a breakfast low in fat. For a twist in your diet you can add a sweet touch on it using fruits like banana and strawberry.

Snack Foods Pre-Portioned

Every food manufacturer now aims to help the millions of people everywhere of their weight loss issues which is an exciting news for you! When you visit a store try this low calorie snacks like Glenny’s Soy Crisps, 100-Calorie Pack, Quaker Quakes, Jell-O fat free, Dieters frozen goodies and many more. These snacks will match your cravings and are available in individual servings to hold your binging.

Go for sugarless gum

Enjoying instead a sugarless gum can push away hunger cravings and provide your palette a fun of flavor. When you chew this gum it will allow you to avoid sticking on that extra calories inside your mouth. Always bring along a flavor that won’t add extra pounds.

Water Filled Juicy Foods

Fruits and veggies does have an amazing effect on losing weight of its high-water content that is contained naturally in them. Water helps in giving you a full feeling to continue without taking in high-calorie meals. Grapefruit, watermelon, tomatoes, cantaloupe, lettuce, mushrooms and cucumber are some of the fruits and veggies which are high in water.

At the end whatever weight loss process you do always understand the method you are doing since it is not about how to lose weight fast that matters but also the kind of intake that your body takes in.

Circuit Training

Calorie Burning Circuit Workout

For those who want to lose some weight or get in shape may be worried about what they are going to do during the holidays. These can be a stressful time when people are overeating, and they aren’t able to go outside as much as they could before.

Also, joining a gym is expensive, and those who want to work out may not realize how much they can do from the comfort of their own home. The calorie burning circuit workout is something that is easy to do, and it requires doing five different exercises in a loop. This can be customized for people based on their fitness level.

If you are going to perform the circuit loop, you may want to get a timer and set it for five minutes. It is important to try to go at a steady pace and not go too fast. That will allow people to be able to complete the entire circuit without having to take a break. There will be five exercises that people will spend a minute each doing, and then they can take a one minute break between the circuits.

A person should have a goal to do the entire five minute set and then take a one minute break. Eventually, a person should be able to do the entire circuit three times, which makes this exercise a total of about 18 minutes long. This can really help people to start to stay in shape while through the holidays, and they won’t even have to go to the gym.

The first exercise in the set is to do squats. There are varying difficulty levels depending how people want to this. The just involves doing the basic squat with the arms in front of a person, and then deeply squatting. The shoulders should stay back, and people want to lift their chest. The next level involves using weights while doing the squats, which could be eight or five pound weights.

There are also some other ways that people can personalize these squats to keep them at their fitness level. The next exercise is upright rows, which also requires some weight to use. And this works the upper back. It involves taking the weight, and pulling upward until it is under the chin, and then making sure that all of the back muscles are engaged.

Those who want to make it even more difficult can include squats. The next part of the circuit exercise involves doing three or four mountain climbers followed by jumping jacks.

After these, the next exercise is a set of push ups. There are several different push up techniques that people can use, including starting on their knees, or doing the push ups from the tips of their toes. The push ups could be done against a wall as well. The last exercise is called pass the ball, using a stability ball.

People will want to lay on a mat while their arms above them, and then pass the ball back and forth between their legs and their arms. To make it harder, people can pass the ball from their arms to their feet instead of their arms to their needs. Then take a one minute break, and do all of the exercises over again. This is great for really starting to burn some calories and keep reaching all of their goals during the holiday, and at a lower price than joining the gym.

It is important to keep a good steady pace, so that people don’t get tired out when they are trying to finish these exercises. Those who really feel like they need a break can take one, and then try to improve their speed so that they can make it through the whole circuit.

This burns a lot of calories when it is done all the way through three times, and that can help people to stave off gaining weight gain during the holiday and still keep fit during the winter. These are easy to do in the home, and they take less than twenty minutes. People can turn on their favorite music or even watch fun TV show while they are exercising.


List Of Benefits That Forskolin Gives You

Have you recently been suffering from ailments of the heart? Well if that is the case you definitely need to monitor your own health because any heart problem, no matter however petty can prove to be fatal. By this time you must have known of a medicine named Forskolin that is being prescribed to you and a lot of questions are indeed hovering inside your head.

You must be wondering as to why Forskolin and no other medication and today we will be answering to all these specific questions. In this particular article however, we will we will talk about the list of benefits that are given by this medicines and the number of multifaceted dimensions in which this works effectively. You can watch Dr. Oz forskolin for weight loss show to know more about this miraculous supplement.

Benefits that you will gain from using this medicine

There are a number of privileges that you can gain after using this medicine. It helps in the following ways:

Heart conditions like Idiopathic congestive cardiomyopathy – This is a progressive heart disorder in which the heart size is bigger than normal and the muscles of the heart are abnormally thick thus giving rise to a congested feeling to the individual.

The heart cannot pump blood freely and in some cases this disease has proved to be quite fatal. It is said that if Coleus is given to the one who is suffering in intravenous form then it can cause improvement in the functioning of the heart and thus help the patient in leading a completely normal life.

This Forskolin also helps in case of Asthma – People suffering from asthma are told to take Forskolin regularly in order to decrease the intensity of the attacks and also the frequency of the same. Yes it is true that Forskolin cannot cure the ailments completely but then it has got the ability of at least reducing the painful symptoms to a great extent.

People who are suffering from excessive high blood pressure and for those who no other medication works properly, Forskolin is good solution. High blood pressure also turns to various heart ailments and what Forskolin does is it lets the blood pressure drop.

Yes Forskolin side effects are not rare but we have to keep in mind that almost all medication have certain side effects. Again if we take a look at the positive impact of the medicine then we will see that there are more positive aspect to it than the negative ones.

Though this fact lacks sufficient evidence, yet in some cases it has been seen that a certain dosage of this chemical can help in improving the sexual function in men. Many doctors too have claimed that problems like Erectile Dysfunction have been cured by Forskolin. Even Garcinia Cambogi has the same say about this medication.

So now we can say that Forskolin is a type of medicine that helps in curing a lot of physical ailments simultaneously. You can also try Garcinia Cambogia as it has also the same beneficial aspects. But one has to be very careful about these medicines as because it is strong in nature.

belly fat

How Do I To Get Rid Of Tummy Fat?

Many of us look in the mirror and point out areas of our bodies we want to change.  Unfortunately weight loss doesn’t work like that.  If we lose weight, we lose it all over so focusing on target areas is wasted.

You are much better off exercising and dieting for complete weight loss because that’s what you will get anyway.  You also won’t feel as dissatisfied if you don’t see immediate results from your most hated areas because you will see that your efforts are working because you are losing in other areas.  Below are some tips to help you lose fat from around your belly.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to lose fat from around your belly.  In fact eating properly and exercising can lead to very easy fat loss but you have to be eating right in order for it to be successful.  Many of the dieting guides available do understand what the body really needs nutritionally and fail to offer the right advice to dieters.

The first step to losing any fat including belly fat, is to mentally prepare.  Write down your goals and desires.  Be specific about you want and try to write them down on nice paper or in a journal.  By doing this you show yourself that these goals are important to you.

If you place them on any piece of scrap paper you won’t take them to be important and are less likely to succeed in your goals.  On top of this you also have to accept that results do not happen overnight and it does take commitment to really make a difference to your stomach and your life.

Once you have this mental preparation you then need to start eating properly and exercising.  In terms of diet the best way to help reduce your calorie intake to less than you are consuming is to work out your calorie needs.  You do this by taking our ideal weight in pounds X 10.  This will give you your base rate of calories.  You will need to eat that many calories plus about 200-300 for a chilled day.  You will need to eat between 200-500 extra on top of that for exercise.

Once you know this take a few days to see what you eat and drink in a day, program it into a free program like and see how many calories you are getting.  You may want to start off slow on diet and only change small things at first.  Don’t underestimate the power of changing the small things they can have amazing results.  Look for things you can change now – like only drinking water and cutting out sodas and juices.  This will have a big impact more than you think.

Secondly something that can also help you lose belly fat is to eat lots of raw whole foods.  Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables will give you all the nutrients you need.  They are also easy to digest so will give you plenty of energy.  A good starting point for consuming fruits is to make a commitment to eat 2-3 pieces before each meal.  Then you can up your intake accordingly.  The more the better.  You could also try committing to eating a salad with your main meal.  I tend to mix my salad in with my main meal or create a sauce (or soup) to get tons of vegetables into me.  This works well.

Lastly it is important to cut down your fat intake.  The Western diet is known for its high fat contact 30%+ and this is not only bad for your health but will also drain you from energy.  If you are drained of energy you will be less likely to want to exercise and more likely to decline it, however exercising is very important for healthy and losing that belly!

Once you have a good grasp of your diet or are starting to adapt it is time to add in exercise.  It is important to try and exercise everyday but this may seem daunting at first.  Even walking for a good hour is very good for weight loss.

Running is an excellent exercise for weight loss from the tummy.  Have you seen any runners with a tummy tyre?  Running isn’t essential though to losing the tummy fat.  All cardiovascular is helpful.  You may want to try out different classes until you find something you like, or you may just want to keep changing.  Generally though it is also a good idea to add in weight training too.  There are lots of free articles online for good tummy workouts.  One website that is very helpful is  Don’t be put off by the name though!

Like any fat loss, tummy fat loss isn’t that hard to achieve with the right commitment, the right diet like Phenq at GOLIAS and the right exercise program.  It is really quite straight forward but you have to have patient to see results.  Take a before picture and take another 6 weeks later to see how your body has changed.  This will motivate you to take things even further.

If you feel like you are struggling to make a meal plan or a diet regiment due to lack of time or interest in working out what you should be eating there are plenty of programs available for you to use instead.  These include diet meal delivery services as well as diet programs for healthy weight loss and we cover several on these on this site.


Operating To Lose Weight – How To Make It Work For You

Do you need to lose weight? You can do this if you set up a schedule to run everyday. Exercising at the gym, or doing a weightlifting routine, is not required with this weight-loss routine; all you need to do is start running. Not only can you shed off the extra pounds, but you can build your stamina while burning calories at the same time. Running is definitely a great way to get in shape as you’ll soon see in this article.

The right gear, as well as the right clothing, are essential to successfully run and begin to lose weight. Your running shoes are the most important piece of equipment you need for running. Unless you have a pair of athletic shoes that are in good condition, you may want to start off with a new pair.

Good running shoes to make all the difference in the world; they will support your feet and make your body feel more comfortable. Having the right shoes isn’t only essential for your feet and ankles, but also for your knees and back as well. The best thing to do is get shoes that are made for running, which may be available from your favorite manufacturer which is even better.

Newbie runners need to be aware that they should take multiple breaks when running when they first start out. One of the best strategies that you can use is instead of taking a break, walk a little bit, and then go back to running. If you need to walk while you are running, you really should do so and not feel guilty for slowing down.

If you are a marathon runner, or an Olympic sprinter, you might think twice about walking – otherwise it is no big deal. Your goal should be to lose weight, and not worry if you are simply walking and running to reach your goals. When you first begin running, you may not be able to get very far; so, rather than call it quits for the day, do some walking.

Losing weight is definitely possible if you have a running regimen, however, you need to stretch properly before doing this exercise. Good advice that you should utilize prior to starting your run is to stretch properly to limber up your muscles so that injuries will not occur. Stretching gets your muscles prepared for the activity, and makes it less likely that you’ll suffer an injury.

Warm-up exercises are an essential part of maintaining your health while training. Jogging slowly, even a brisk walk, is a great way to begin a run. Abruptly stopping after a run, and not slowly jogging to a stop, is not good for your muscles at all. This gives your body a chance to build up to its peak levels and then gradually return to its everyday pace.

To lose weight, and to build up your endurance, running as a very simple way to achieve both of these goals. Exercise machines that you see at your fitness club were not used decades ago when people actually did not have them and ran on foot outside. It is totally possible to become addicted to running, something you may never want to stop even as you enter your golden years.

weight loss

Tips for Losing Weight the Healthy Way

As of April 2012, according to the Center for Disease Control, more than one-third of Americans are considered to be overweight and/or obese.  The obesity rate continues to climb and is expected to reach pandemic levels by the year 2020.  It is crucial that we try to avoid this possible scenario by educating Americans about the health risk associated with being overweight and/or obese.

Below is a list of the top most common diseases that are associated with obesity:

  • heart disease
  • stroke
  • diabetes
  • cancer
  • arthritis
  • hypertension (high blood pressure)

By losing the extra pounds and maintaining a healthy weight we can possibly prevent these diseases altogether.

The question is how best to lose the extra weight?  Unfortunately, the “quick fix” programs that offer a rapid weight loss are often effective but the results are typically only temporary.  Usually these “quick fix” weight loss programs include pills, supplements, or special dietary shakes that are not intended for long term use.

The best way to obtain lifetime weight loss results is to lose the extra pounds in a healthy way.  It is important to remember that it took some time to add the extra weight and so you will need to expect that it will take some time to shed the unwanted pounds.  It is important to set realistic goals for yourself in order to avoid becoming discouraged and frustrated on your weight loss journey.  Below are 8 tips for losing weight the healthy way:

  1. Change your mindset:  instead of being on a “diet” implement a lifestyle change.

Consider the changes you are making as permanent.  Losing weight is hard work and you don’t want to find yourself in a similar position down the road.  By permanently changing the way you eat you will avoid regaining the weight you worked so hard to lose.  Thus avoiding becoming a “yo-yo-dieter.” Keep in mind food is fuel for your body.  Therefore choose to ingest high quality and nutrient rich food in order to keep your body running as it should.

  1. Start your Morning off right: eat a healthy breakfast.

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day because it helps to jump-start your metabolism.  By starting your day with breakfast your body begins to metabolize that food and continues to burn fat throughout the day.

  1. Do not starve yourself: eat small, healthy, frequent meals throughout the day.

Doctors and nutritionist suggest five small meals throughout the day instead of three regular meals. This also increases your metabolism and make calories burn faster.  These frequent meals will also burn calories faster because of the increase in your body’s metabolism.

  1. Set a realistic weight loss goal: by setting a goal that is realistic you won’t be setting yourself up for failure. 

As stated earlier make sure to allow yourself time to drop the unwanted pounds, nothing worthwhile will happen overnight.  Set a realistic goal and mark small victories along the way.  Remember to change your mindset, you are making a lifestyle change, you are on a journey not just a short term diet.

  1. Drink Water: a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day is the recommended intake amount.

In order for your body to burn fat it needs an adequate amount of water.  Water keeps the body’s cells hydrated and healthy. Water can also aid in making you to feel satisfied. Try drinking a full glass of water prior to a meal to help prevent overeating, the water will make you feel fuller faster.6. Avoid excess:  especially sugar and carbohydrates.

Include vegetables and fruit with every meal and keep servings of bread, rice or pasta to the minimum.  For main dishes include lean meat and protein rich foods.  Sweets and sugary drinks should be enjoyed only once-in-a-while as a special treat and not automatically included with every meal.

  1. Monitor and reduce your fat intake: and keep in mind that not all fats are created equal. 

There are some fats that are considered healthy and can be easily integrated into your diet.  Cooking with olive, peanut or canola oil is a good way to do this.  Fish like Tuna, Salmon or Mackerel have omega-3 fats in them which are good for the heart.

  1. Get Moving:  exercise is vital. 

By making some small changes in your daily schedule you can easily increase your overall activity level. Take the stairs to your office instead of the elevator, park your car away from the entrance at work, the grocery store or mall.

Learn a new sport or hobby-take ice skating lessons, jog around your neighborhood before breakfast, take some yoga classes through your Park District.  Choose an activity that you know you will enjoy and it will make exercising easier to integrate into your lifestyle as an activity to look forward to rather than something you dread having to do.

It doesn’t matter if you have to lose 15 or 50 pounds by setting realistic goals for yourself and starting out slow you are setting yourself up for success. Eat healthy, drink plenty of water, get adequate sleep and engage in moderate exercise and you will be well on your way to a healthier you both physically and mentally.