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Re-Enable was designed to repair the left over damage caused by Viruses,Malware,Trojans

What started out was my attempt to help a fellow Raymond.cc forum member, With a single registry tweak that snowballed into The Re-Enable Project.


Re-Enable which is now in its 2nd release with over 164.000 downloads so far.

And work is about to start on the next edition.


Re-Enable is a all-in-one tool that restore’s important Windows functions that virus’s & Malware disable to prevent there removal and cause problems for windows users.


In one click you can restore the functionality of the Windows Registry editor - Command prompt - System Restore - Safe mode and much more. Read More>>


You can visit raymond.cc by clicking Raymond’s logo, You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.



New update now available. I have also decided to no longer support Re-Enable V2 Portable Edition for reasons that the next edition will run on all platforms and most computers run dot net

If you have seen the About page you will be aware that i play guitar, I would like to give all you budding guitarists a link to a site that gives great tuition.

Please visit guitarmasterclass.net Guitar Lessons


Work is about to start on the next version of Re-Enable, We are currently collating you ideas that you would like to see in the next release, If you have a suggestion for new features the you can leave your ideas on the comments page or at Raymond.cc forum, Thanks again for all your support.




Enabled support for 64-Bit windows - Fixed regedit - 13-05-2012

**Bug Fixes** 29-03-2010

Fixed check for updates - Re-Enable V2 Portable

Fixed checked task scheduler - All versions