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Re-Enable II

Restore F8 safe mode menu

Registry editor

Command console “cmd”

System restore

Start menu Run command

Task manager

Task scheduler

Safe mode  

Right click context menu

My computer properties

Folder options

Windows explorer search

start menu search

Reset file and folder attributes

Ms Config  

Restore explorer registry key

Re-enable will also edit hosts file

Scan and delete Autorun.inf files

Re-enable version 2 has been tested with daprosy worm - sality AA and other

sality variants - fake antivirus ‘s  and many more with 100% success


Make sure the viruses have been removed before running re-enable for best results however

If you do run re-enable with viruses still running the viruses may undo re-enables repairs.

For a list of virus removal tools see the download page. If re-enable fails in any way ,chances

are the virus is still running.


Requires Microsoft .net framework 3.5 Sp1 or above. Or for none .net framework Pc’s there's

a portable version ,I would recommend that you use the .net version as its size is considerably

smaller or use the installer version.

Portable version runs on any pc or laptop that doesn't have .net framework installed because

the .net framework is included in the code ,this is why the size is larger than the normal exe


Re-enable is free for personal and none commercial use only.

Commercial usage please contact me.



Re-enable was designed to repair the left over damage caused by Viruses,Malware Trojans.


By now most of you will already know that viruses that disable such critical Windows features

are very common. Once the virus disables any of the feature, common users have no choice

but to reinstall the Windows or perform complicated registry changes.

Re-Enable plans to change all this with a dead-simple tool.


With one click Re-enable will repair the following windows features.


Thank you for taking in a interest in re-enable ,if you feel that re-enable v2 helped you in

any way please consider donating to the project by clicking the donate link.