5 Tips For A Rejuvenating Vacation

Have you ever returned from a long-anticipated getaway only to feel more run down than before you left? Have you ever wished for another vacation to recover from the first one? If so, you’re not alone. But there is hope. With a little advance planning and research, you can enjoy yourself and recharge at the same time. Here are five tips to help you choose and enjoy the perfect rejuvenating vacation.

1. When traveling with children, plan your trip with you in mind.

So often we want to make vacations a dream come true for everyone else and we forget about ourselves. Even if you’re taking a Disney vacation with your five-year-old, you can plan smart moments for yourself that will bring you home feeling like you’ve been to the spa…alone. To accomplish this miraculous task, make a deal with your husband or friend who’s traveling with you. You get an hour today, they get an hour tomorrow. Keep rotating each day. Remember to make mealtime as special for you as the little ones. Check out online menus that include chicken strips and filet mignon. Go for non-alcoholic versions of your favorite drinks so you get the family home safely, but still enjoy the flavor of your meal.

2. Shop for your destination.

Think about what you want and need to recharge and refresh your body and mind. Check out your hotel, resort, the beaches, the slopes to find out who they cater to. Do they offer childcare at every corner? Does the nightlife cater to singles? The results will tell if that locale is an answer to prayer or your worst nightmare.

3. If you decide that excitement and adventure are just what the doctor ordered to rejuvenate you, go to the experts.

Invest in a location that is designed for the thrill seeker. This will save you time and keep you from danger. You don’t always have to have a guide to have a thrill. Many destinations are designed for you to go off on your own for hiking, rappelling, rafting or riding. Choose a place that has already done the preliminary research to offer you a safe and exciting out-of-bounds experience that will bring you home invigorated, not incarcerated or in a body cast.

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4. When traveling with a companion, choose wisely.

Don’t let the friend you want to choke after two days accompany you on a weeklong excursion. Once you decide what you want to do on your well-deserved break, take along someone who can complement the activities and the downtime. If you want to soak in the sun and the hot tub, don’t take your buddy who has caffeine running through their veins and can’t sit still.

5. Make reservations.

Even spur of the moment vacationers needs to eat. Nothing throws an annoying kink in a vacation like waiting and waiting and waiting or being turned away at every hot spot in town. A little research won’t ruin spontaneity, and it will keep your time free to do all the other exciting things that pop up. If reservations cramp your style, find out what times you are most likely to get a seat within an hour wait.

How To Pick The Right Pair Of Heels

Heels can look great but if paired with the wrong outfit, it won’t matter how fabulous the shoes are – it just won’t work. Sometimes even the best of us fall prey to matching the wrong pair of heels with the wrong outfit. If you need a refresher course or are new to the whole idea, it helps to learn some helpful information and guidelines as to what pairs of heels you should buy and what items of clothing they go with.

Before going out and buying all the cute pairs of heels you see, it helps to evaluate your wardrobe, note what your favorite outfits are and then purchase your heels accordingly. There is more than one kind of heel out there and not all of them look good with just any outfit. The most common types of heels out there include: stilettos, low heels, high heels, platforms, and wedges.

The stiletto screams sexy and just about every supermodel has a pair, which in turn, inspires women in the general public to get their own as well. The challenge with stilettos is that, well, they’re stilettos. Many of them are super high in height and the taller you are in heels, the more awkward it can be to walk in them – this is especially true for women who are not naturally tall. If you’re inexperienced or new to heels, do not invest in a pair of stilettos.

However, if you’re a pro in heels, then you can wear these shoes with a sexy cocktail dress or even with a stylish pair of form-fitting jeans. This will depend on the style and color of your heels. Because stilettos are synonymous with style, make sure that the outfit you plan on wearing makes a statement on its own so that the stilettos accentuate the overall look.

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Low heels are perfect for women who want a little height but not too much. This type of heel offers a happy medium. Taller women tend to gravitate towards low heels since it doesn’t emphasize their tall stature and can be comfortably worn with a sun dress, snug pair of jeans and a tank top or nice blouse, and even with capris or shorts. In general you can’t go wrong with low heels, which helps when it comes to mixing and matching in your wardrobe. On the flip side, high heels provide those extra 2-3 inches that most women crave.

However, high heels are not the same as stilettos, since high heels have a wider base of the shoe than stilettos do. High heels provide enough support to be worn comfortably throughout your day and goes well with just about any outfit. But the key here is to choose the right style and color. You can choose from traditional, close-toed high heels, or strappy ones. When all else fails, make sure to have at least one pair of solid black, close-toed high heels.

Platform heels have a funky design and offer a lot of support for your feet. Wear your platforms with your favorite pair of jeans, skirt, dress, or even a gown (just make sure the style fits). There are a variety of platforms out there, choose the one that you can walk well in and won’t mess up your ankle in the event that you fall. Wedges work for providing height and making your legs appear longer. For this reason, go with a pair of wedges if you plan on wearing a skirt, dress, or even a miniskirt. Wedges support the entire heel and can even be worn in the office.