How To Stay Beautiful On Long Road Trips

Going on a road trip can be the perfect idea during the summer. No matter where you’re headed, being in a car with friends can be quite the adventure. However, hours of driving can wear on many people’s nerves and sanity. On top of that, being concerned with looking good from point A to point B can be a hassle when you don’t have the comfort of your bathroom.

There are plenty of things to think about when it comes to getting ready to go on a road trip. But while most people fuss about what clothes and shoes to pack and how much money to bring to spend on snacks, gas, and souvenirs, beauty and skincare can often be forgotten. It’s one thing to put on a face of makeup to look pretty but your complexion isn’t going to stay flawless throughout the trip. Instead, learning certain tips will help you look and feel refreshed from the beginning of your road trip until you reach your destination.

Unless you plan on staying at a hotel somewhere along the way, chances are you won’t have the comfort of a nice bathroom to get ready in. This means dealing with pocket mirrors and gas station bathrooms. The best way to keep your skin looking great while on the road is by using sunscreen. Sitting in a car can expose you to hours of driving in the sun so applying a light coat every two hours can keep you from harmful UV rays. Whether you’re driving or riding in the passenger seat, the atmosphere inside the car can be an uncomfortable one for your skin. Using the air conditioner and heat can cause your skin to become dry and dehydrated. To remedy this, carry hand cream and moisturizer with you at all times. This will keep your skin soft, supple and fully hydrated no matter how you’re cooling down or warming up.

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While it can be grimy to use gas station bathrooms, use those breaks during the road trip to freshen up your complexion. Bring along a travel size kit of your favorite skincare products: cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Try to cleanse when you can throughout your trip and go light on the makeup so your complexion is clean and clear by the time you get to your destination. Bring a small towel with you to the bathroom as well as disposable gloves so you don’t have to touch any of the public facilities. Instead of splurging on soda and snacks at the gas station, buy plenty of water and throw in some fruits and healthy snacks if possible.

It’s highly unlikely you’re going to be able to curl your hair during your trip so keep your hairstyle as simple as possible. Throwing your hair up in a ponytail or in a secure bun will keep your strands from being exposed to the elements and keep you from being obsessed with how to style it. However, do make sure your hair stays moisturized and conditioned. Give yourself a good deep conditioning the night before your road trip so your hair is good to go no matter how long the drive is.