How To Successfully Pull Off Vintage Fashion

They say history repeats itself and it’s true, especially when it comes to fashion. Vintage era clothing, in particular, has made a comeback in a big way in recent years. From the everyday gal to the red carpet, it seems that vintage is what’s “in” and doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. Newbies that are thinking about incorporating this style into their wardrobe should be warned that without the right know-how, introducing vintage the wrong way could end up setting your style sense back further than when vintage was first created.

Throwing on a vintage outfit doesn’t necessarily mean you’re sporting this fashion trend properly. There are a style and strategy to wearing these types of clothes. With practice and time, anyone can become a vintage fashionista and draw attention for all the right reasons.

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One of the biggest things you’ll want to avoid is looking like a retro pin-up girl that is dressed to the nines in complete vintage. What makes wearing older eras of fashion so acceptable today is pairing it with the right accessories. While the clothing is vintage, the accessories you put with it shouldn’t be. “Modern” is going to be the keyword when it comes to your jewelry, purse, shoes, etc. But don’t over accessorize. These items are only supposed to highlight and complement what you’re wearing, not compete for the spotlight. The idea of blending a modern look also applies to your makeup and hairstyle. The best result should be an outfit that is the perfect balance of vintage and modern.

Newbies should first experiment by purchasing one dramatic vintage piece, such as a dress or coat and then building a more modern look at it. By playing around with your accessories, hair, and makeup, you’ll be able to determine how dressed up or dressed down you need to be in order to make your outfit work.

It doesn’t hurt to learn from the pros, either. Many celebrities have learned to wear vintage well and those are the style icons you’ll want to take notes from. Look up online photo galleries of vintage worn right and be observant about the reasons why a celeb’s particular outfit is a winner. Maybe it’s the choice of a purse that sets off the outfit, or maybe her shoes and jewelry are just the right combinations. Don’t forget to refer to the hairstyles and makeup techniques/colors used as well. This will help newbies learn which types of vintage fashion go properly with the right occasion.

On that same note, it is vital that newbies to vintage fashion understand that sporting this look at the office is doable but comes with much stricter rules. Depending on how your job’s dress code is laid out, you’ll more than likely want to avoid wearing super vintage dresses in bright colors and distracting patterns. Such an outfit is appropriate for a party or daytime wear but in an office setting, it’ll make you stand out like a sore thumb. Instead, opt for a plainer vintage style dress and pair it with a trendy blazer and scarf along with the right shoes.